About Caribbean Food

We are passionate about Caribbean food and for those who have not experienced its taste, variety, below are just a few reasons to try it for yourself!

Caribbean food is one of the most delightful tastes on earth, so naturally we want to tell you about it.

The Caribbean itself is a mass of palm trees laden with coconuts, white soft and sometimes black sand and clear blue seas.  It's paradise in a nutshell and a haven for beautiful and exquisite food. 

The Caribbean is known for its tropical and delightful fruits also such as mangos, avocado, passion fruit;  fresh fish such as snapper and tilapia and home grown spices - the main ones being scotch bonnet or bell pepper, coriander, thyme.   With this, we create mouth watering and tantalising dishes and desserts.   

We pride ourselves in the way we season and marinate our meat and even rice dishes, which gives off that authentic aroma. Recipes vary from Island to Island. However, one thing they all have in common is the use of sweet potatoes, plantain, yam, cassava, callaloo, pigeon peas...the list goes on.  Each Island also has their national dish such as Jamaica -Ackee and salt fish,  St Vincent and the Grenadines -Jack fish and roasted bread fruit and everybody loves their curry goat with rice and peas.   The delicious aromas that transcends from these meals are extremely and unmistakably satisfying when tasted.

That takes us onto the well known 'Dutchpot,' which is a cast iron pot with a lid.  It seals the seasoned food very well whilst cooking and is a must in any West Indian home.
Our traditions are wrapped in our ancestors' history and we keep this going with a few adjustments on the way. 

We are the Caribbean, we are the people, we are The Caribbean Dutchpot.

We are members of the National Caterers Association (NCASS)

"I really enjoyed the food - I'd never had Caribbean food before, but I particularly liked the Jerk Chicken (had always thought it would be too hot, but it was just really tasty). The main course dishes seemed like real home cooked food rather than the mass produced feel of other takeaways. Would certainly go back."
SP Northampton